How To Reach The Millennial Demographic: Branding Your Dental Practice on Social Media

How To Reach The Millennial Demographic: Branding Your Dental Practice on Social Media

Recently, someone reached out to us and asked us how we went about creating our brand and successfully reaching out to the millenial demographic. So in addition to our email reply back, we decided we would also share with all of you how we branded our dental practice.

Social media is one of the most powerful and effective tools that you can use to help your business thrive online. However, take note that not all social media channels are helpful for your dental practice. You need to be discreet in choosing the right platform to fish for patients online easily with lesser time and effort. Choose the social media outlet that more prospects are using on a daily basis.

There are a lot of ways that social media can help your business grow online. First of all, it improves the search engine optimization of your business name which means new patients can find your practice easily. You can also use it to provide educational materials for existing and potential patients about dental hygiene and treatment available in your clinic. You can also post important notices or news for your patients to get updated with the latest trend in oral care. In addition to great quality photographs also it is advised to create video content. There are many companies that do video marketing San Diego  who not only create video content for your blog and social media, but can also help create a marketing strategy that will help make your business successful! If you need inspiration for design try looking at Pinterest and Instagram for aesthetic inspiration.

Lastly, it can serve as a referral from existing clients to new patients.
Now that you completely understand the importance of using the social media for your business, let’s discuss what tools are very effective in getting new patients.

  • Blogging

Writing a blog for your clinic is the most basic way to share information whether it’s in the form of news, feature stories, photos or videos. Take time to update your blog to inform patients, promote your dental brand and make you stand-out among your competitors. According to studies, 75% of the companies acquired new patients through blogs.
The blog is very important as it provides information in every post, giving readers a deeper understanding of who you are, what they can expect when they visit your clinic, how friendly and skilled your staffs are, and what are the latest technology you are using to guarantee fast and efficient service.

  • Facebook

In recent years, Facebook has become a daily way of life for millions of users around the world. It provides a great avenue for your business and for your customers to connect and to reach new clients. Managing your business profile is easy and does not take too much time. However, you need to check it on a regular basis to comment back on your visitors’ feedback and inquiries.

  •  Twitter

Managing a Twitter account is so easy. It’s more convenient to tweet a message in seconds than to use other forms of communication tools. Your dental clinic can reach millions of potential patients in a matter of seconds. In order to optimize the use of Twitter, tweet important information that your patients can find helpful on a regular basis. Share stories related to dentistry that you think is current, relevant and informative.

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